Fodéré agency in Nice

Vizcaya real estate

9 rue Foderé
06300 Nice

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Agency manager : Mr Lanfranco

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From monday to friday :
From 9 am to 12.30 pm
and from 1.30 pm to 7 pm

Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm

Our team

Alexandre Lanfranco

Pauline Van Rijckevorsel

Christine Julien

Interview with Alexandre Lanfranco, the Director of the agency Vizcaya and Patrick De Mersseman, the Manager.

Why open a second agency on the Port ?

Alexandre Lanfranco : The agency rue Fodéré has been active since June 2016. We wished to enlarge our field of action, prospection and welcome new collaborators. We thus needed another space. We are also thinking about developing our activity towards the transaction of businesses. There has been an increasing request in this field in the heart of this area that has become 30 years younger in a few months (laughs).

Patrick de Mersseman : The goal is to reinforce our presence on this booming part of the Port. A new life looms around Place du Pin and its surroundings with boutiques for fashion, decoration, organic, vegetarian, exotic tables, its trendy cafés and clubs. A new generation has invested this area. We want to take part in the dynamics while not neglecting the other areas of the city that are also moving. Three collaborators will not be too much to take this double challenge.

What added value did this agency bring you ?

Alexandre Lanfranco : After one year, it is still a bit early to make an assessment. But this agency can instill a new dynamic to our brand, also seduce a different clientele. It is indeed close to the flagship, but everybody does not necessarily go by the port. Being beyond the Place de l'Ile de Beauté is already being on another axis, more pedestrian, more working class.

Patrick de Mersseman : Even if we operate on a wide scale of properties. Vizcaya keeps the reputation of an agency specialized in high-end market. So, some hesitate sometimes to push the door to the agency on the port. This new agency, more intimate, brand new, can attract another clientele. A younger clientele maybe, with more specific requests. It is, in any case, what we expect from this second address, that it be a complement to the historical one and participates in reinforcing our presence in Nice.