Short practical lexicon

Commercial lease
A rental contract uniting the shopkeeper, the craftsman or manufacturer who operated a business in premises, and the owner of the walls.

Premises with level access on a busy location at the bottom of a building or a shopping centre the façade of which have a shop window and a sign.

Shopping centre
A real estate complex dedicated to commercial distribution regrouping several independent shops around a defined supermarket

Assignment of the right to the lease
Sale of a rental contract of premises with a commercial usage. The right to the lease enables the shopkeeper to occupy the premises and guarantees him a right to renew the lease.

Transfer of a business
Sale of the totality of the elements composing the business of a company including the right to the lease.

Transfer of company
Sale of the capital of a company including the assets, rights and duties connected to it such as the right to the lease.

Premises where an activity of sale of products or the provision of services can be practiced legally.

Prior-agreement to sell
In the prior-agreement to sell (or bilateral commitment to sell), seller and purchaser commit to execute the sale at a jointly determined price. Legally, the prior-agreement is thus worth a sale.

Location n°1, 1 bis, 2
Qualifies the physical location where the sale's point is set up. Location n°1: the premises are in town, at the heart of a very busy commercial axis. Location n°1 bis: offers the same conditions but with less visibility and passage. 2: the premises are located in a zone where passage and activity are low.

The totality of the elements constituting an economic unit the purpose of which is commercial. It contains the tangible items, such as material, merchandise and equipment, and intangible items, such as customers, the right to the lease and the name.

Or "business leasing-management", enables the owner of a business to transfer to one person the right to operate freely this business at his own risks, in exchange for the payment of a license fee.

Key money (or entry fee)
An amount is paid by the tenant of a commercial lease to the owner of the premises rented at the time of his transfer of possession of the premises.

Commitment to lease
Prior-agreement that will enable to secure both parties a legal situation while expecting the execution of the initial commercial lease.

Commitment to sell (unilateral)
In the commitment to sell (also known as unilateral commitment to sell), the owner commits with the candidate to the purchase (beneficiary) to sell him his property for a determined price. He thus gives him exclusively an "option" for a limited time (generally two to three months).

Retail parks
A name for a park of commercial activities gathering several brands in various sectors and offering services common to the shops present on site (car park, food service, etc.)

Sales area
Space dedicated to the exhibition of merchandise for sale and their payment, to the circulation of the customers and staff to present the merchandise for sale. Are not included: the storeroom, warehouses as well as the area not open to the public.

Rental value
Price of a store brought back, for a better comparison, to pure rent. It is easily obtained by adding to the rent the amounts that are or would have been borrowed over ten years to finance the possible right to the lease.

Global rental value /m2/year/zone A